Key Realty and Property Management

| Serving Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills Area
(405) 605-6445

We Care For Our Residents!

  • Apply today, the application process is as easy as 1,2, 3.
  • Bring in your photo i.d., social security card, recent pay-check stubs or verification of employment. We will make copies.
  • Our processing takes 1-2 days, however this depends on our ability to verify your information.

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Application Requirements:

  • 1yr Verifiable Employment
  • 1yr Verifiable Rental History
  • No Judgments or Evictions
  • No Criminal Felonies
  • Monthly earnings of 3.5 times the amount of rent
  • Co-Signers: Monthly earnings of 5 Times the amount of Rent
  • Copies of pay stubs (or income)
  • Application Fees may be paid with cash, Deposits must be paid with separate money orders or cashier’s checks, first month’s rent must be paid with separate money orders or cashier’s check. (Please ask what account name you should make the money order/cahier’s check payable to).
  • Minimum One Year Leases (No Short Term Rentals)
  • We do not participate in the Section 8 Housing Program
  • Utilities must be put in the residents name prior to signing of the lease you must have the account numbers with you before keys will be handed over. Please verify with the office what utilities you will be responsible for having in your name.

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