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Tenant Maintenance Requests

Have a maintenance problem? We’d like to help.

Please note all work orders that are non-emergency must be submitted in writing. Please feel free to write it down, mail it in, fax it or email it to our representatives.

All non-emergency work orders will be handled within a 2 week period. Please note some owners require authorization before we can make repairs.

Please include your: Name, Current Phone number, Full Address, and your maintenance request.

What is a maintenance emergency? We consider these items to be emergency items…

  1. No hot water
  2. No Heat
  3. No A/C
  4. Leaking Roof
  1. Leaking pipes that will create water damage
  2. Sewer back up (toilet, sink, or bathtub)
  3. Electrical issues sparking/breakers continuing to trip

If you have a maintenance emergency during office hours please call 405-605-6445 and report it. If you have an emergency after hours please call our Dispatch at 405-775-2670. (A $2 fee will be assessed for any after-hours emergency calls that are not emergencies).

For Crimes, Fire, Emergency Medical Services or Police Emergencies please call 9-1-1

Please describe in detail the nature of the repair. Also note whether there is an alarm or animal on the premises.